TXK Crushers

TXK 180 09


Mechanical Power (HP)
70 - 130
Working Width (CM)
Weight (KG)

Starting a project from scratch simply means that everything is to be done. Our stone crushers are designed to satisfy the most demanding customers. Always looking for the impacting design and the most advanced quality in the materials and components used for manufacturing as a basis, the TX range manages to break all the rules and exceed the expectations of our customers related to the finish quality and job satisfaction on any type of terrain, making it look very simple.
What stones? Up to diameters of 30 cm. to be able to turn a rocky property into cultivable or to fix roads that are really impracticable. All this with the range of stone crushers TMC Cancela, manufactured and certified in Hardox®, being the most efficient in the market thanks to the exclusive design of the rotor and the adjustable counter-blade among other technical and quality advantages.

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