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The jury of the CEPYME Awards has selected our company as the winner of the “PYME DEL AÑO 2023” award, the highest accolade granted by this prestigious association to the company most distinguished for its business excellence. Additionally, we have also been bestowed with the “PYME TRANSFORMACIÓN DIGITAL 2023” award for our outstanding practices in the digitization of our processes, products, and business model.

These recognitions reflect our firm commitment to innovation and sustainable development, pillars that have allowed us to stand out nationally and inspire us to expand our presence in the international market, all from the marvelous rural environment where we originated.

In the words of our CEO, Javier Cancela:

This achievement is the result of our constant commitment to design, innovation, and differentiation. These elements have added unique value to our products and brand. As a family-owned company, we maintain clear and ambitious goals: we aspire to become prominent global leaders in the agricultural and forestry crushing sector. To achieve this, we embark on an exciting strategic plan focused on internationalization, expanding resources and facilities, continuous innovation, and the digitalization process of the company.”



The story of TMC CANCELA began over half a century ago in a rural area of A Coruña. We started as a small-scale mechanical workshop for repairing agricultural machinery, serving local farmers and livestock breeders. Today, our company boasts over 150 employees and manufactures machinery for clients worldwide. This journey has earned us the recognition of “PYME DEL AÑO 2023” (SME OF THE YEAR 2023) in the tenth edition of the CEPYME Awards.

From our operations center in Tordoia (A Coruña – Spain), we produce over 3,000 machines annually. Our company has committed to expanding and internationalizing the business, leading us to establish a presence in over 60 countries through significant distributors. The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Germany, Lithuania, France, Italy, and Portugal are just a few strategic selling points for TMC CANCELA.

TMC CANCELA has logistics centers in different countries, providing immediate service to the international market. The company’s objectives are clear: in the coming years, we anticipate continued growth, especially in the international market, where we will allocate 70% of our production.

All of this, coupled with significant investments in design, R&D, and high-value-added products, has been crucial in receiving the “PYME DEL AÑO 2023” award for business excellence, the highest national recognition.”



The implementation of new technologies in our company has led us to receive the “PYME TRANSFORMACIÓN DIGITAL 2023” Award, another accolade that fills us with pride for all the efforts we have been making for several years to digitize the entire company, thereby increasing efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

We approached the process of digital transformation from the very beginning, “without losing sight of who we are,” without deviating from our goals in a path full of changes and obstacles, always maintaining the values of TMC CANCELA.

The company has successfully surrounded itself with suitable collaborators and partners who collaborate in the development and implementation of new digital tools, always respecting the philosophy of TMC CANCELA and addressing the needs and proposals of our team.

The company has had to adapt to multiple situations, such as the digitization and robotization of production processes, and has had to devise changes, many of them structural, in the way of working and in the creation of new jobs.

Our future plans place the customer at the center of all company activities. The company works to keep the customer connected to the business at all times, actively participating in projects and having access to all processes in which they are involved. This allows them to monitor the status of their orders continuously and address all their concerns and needs promptly.”