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We have obtained a new recognition, the Innovative SME Seal from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

“Innovative SME” or “R&D&I intensive SME” means an SME that has been carrying out activities in the field of Research, Technological Development or Technological Innovation (R&D&I) in recent years.

The Innovative Company Seal is a further recognition of our work and trajectory, our constant effort and our mission to provide the best solutions to our market, and encourages us to continue along the way.

The innovation in our case, is the result of the talent and experience of the professionals who make up TMC CANCELA, and who devote all their efforts to develop comprehensive systems in the agricultural machinery sector, forestry and hydraulics. Our teams work incessantly in research and innovation, seeking continuous improvement that brings us closer to excellence.

What has the Ministry taken into account to grant us this badge? Among other things: a work team dedicated to innovation processes and product improvement, that we have our own products that add value and competitiveness to the brand and is also reflected in our commitment to innovation with a real investment in R&D&I (we allocate 5% of our turnover).

From now on, we will become part of the Public Registry of Innovative SMEs in which there are only those Spanish companies that are technologically advanced and that stand out for their activity and capacity for evolution.