TJL Mulcher

TJL 280D 061


Mechanical Power (HP)
90 - 200
Working Width (CM)
220-250-280-300-320 / 300-320 (TJL2)
Weight (KG)
1060-1160-1230-1300-1370 / 1395-1500 (TJL2)

This range of mulchers TJ have been designed to provide a maximum performance to the farmer who searches the maximum efficiency on his daily work. This range of machines give the best results in the mulching of agricultural residues for making a good spread over the field. The mulcher TJL is specially designed for grass, fallow stems residues (corn…) and rice and TJ, TJS, TJG, TJP and TJR are more directed to work with wheat, corn, soybean, straw, sunflowers, rice and cereals stubble.
These machines are known for their sturdiness and its high degree of versatility.

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