Our Company manufactures agricultural, forestry and hydraulic machinery. With more than 40 years of experience, we work to offer the best products in the sector. We are specialized in mulching forestry and agricultural residues.

We seek to optimize farmers and end users’ job, with the aim of improving their productivity and thus achieve a higher performance. We are heading towards a new style of environmentally friendly products. We manufacture machinery that consumes less fuel, with technical features that provide a better control over the machines (such as rotor speed control or temperature control).


In 1971 Manuel Cancela García, together with his wife Consuelo Rodríguez Fernández, started a small family business specialized in the agricultural machineries production and maintenance in order to serve the farmers close to the area.

Over time they expanded their activity, reaching agreements with several agricultural machinery manufacturers for the distribution of their products in Spain and as well manufacturing the first brush cutters and mulchers (most of them patented).
Years later, in 2008, Javier Cancela resumed his father’s work, focusing the business to the forestry, agricultural and hydraulic ranges, always looking for the differentiation within the sector thanks to his strong commitment to R+D+i.

The new ranges arise with their own identity and recognizable in the sector, making the machines unique products. TMC Cancela is characterized by a permanent evolution, where the incorporation of the main technical advances to the productive processes plays a fundamental role.


Our main objective is to provide our consumers with the best equipment, guaranteeing the excellent quality of our products. We do not stop learning and we try to incorporate the latest technological innovations to our processes, in order to manufacture robust and efficient machinery, adapted to the needs of the whole market. We are always looking to supply the best quality and service.

We take care of each and every one of the aspects that surround our company: production deadlines, customer service, patent development, cooperate with best suppliers, technological investment.


TMC Cancela headquarter is located in Tordoia, in the heart of Galicia. From our central plant we export our machines, exceeding 2,000 units per year.
In recent years we have been committed to the expansion and internationalization of the business. We are present in more than 50 countries, where we have distributors of our products. Canada, Romania, Lithuania, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Australia and the USA are just some of our strategic points of sale. At this moment our main business is in Europe and North America, where we are leaders in countries like France or Germany. We have a logistic warehouse in California and another in Russia, thus providing an immediate service to the existing market in these countries. Our goal is to expand the export business, where we will allocate 70% of our production, leaving the remaining 30% for the domestic market.


At TMC Cancela we are committed to the quality of our machines. We firmly believe that research and innovation play a big role in our manufacturing process, and therefore we bet and invest in them. We have a team of engineers who work directly with the Technical Design Department, where the most advanced design software are used. For years we have been leaders in sales in Spain. We have achieved this privileged position thanks to a good business strategy, following the  market needs, demands and changes.